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  • Pink
  • Purple
  • White
  • Yellow

  • S (10 Stems)
  • M (20 Stems)
  • L (30 Stems)
  • XL (40 Stems)
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They are called snapdragons because when gently squeezed the flower resembles to a dragon who is opening and closing its mouth. These dramatic and tall flowers comes in variety of colours and looks great in bouquets or on their own.

Snapdragons are wrapped in either burlap or brown Kraft paper. They come with a customised handwritten message card, enclosed in an envelope with flower food sachet.

You can leave a message at checkout.

Keep them away from ripening fruit as ethylene gas given off shortens the life of the flower.
All flowers benefit from flower food and respond well to changing water regularly.

*As this is a naturally occurring product, there will be a slight size and colour variation throughout the season.